PGCon – keynote… made your travel bookings yet?

Although PGCon 2011 is just 9 weeks away, that time will fly past. People will start gathering in Ottawa early in the week for the two days of tutorials followed by two days of talks. PGCon is also a social event, so there will be many opportunities to mingle and meet other members of your PostgreSQL community.

We’ve already started booking the travel and accommodation for some of our speakers. From its initial conference in 2007, PGCon has always worked to bring together various facets of the PostgreSQL community: users & developers gather together with members from the core team and other major contributors.

This year, the keynote will be given by Paul Ramsey. If you’re doing anything with GIS, you’ll know Paul.

Be sure to start booking your travel and accommodation soon. And register for PGCon today.

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