Aug 272022
Getting Home Assistant running in a FreeBSD 13.1 jail

Home Assistant is not friendly for plain installs. It seems designed for containers or running everything out of pip install. That, in itself, is a disturbing trend I’ve seen on several projects (what? you’re not running a git cloned image?). I’ve seen reports of people running containers etc. However, I want to run this on […]

Aug 252022

A while back, the – the colo facility was purchased and the new owners are not interested in donating services to open source projects. That host also acted as a DNS host for all my domain. I pressed a small VPS into service. It handled the query services fine, but updates were sluggish. It […]

Aug 252022

I wrote this in October 2016. It was not published until August 2022. I loved being at Grace Hopper. I met some very great people and had the opportunity to talk to them about open source software. I got some great ideas from some folks and I sure hope the stuff I passed on will […]

Aug 022022

When updating to FreeBSD 13.1, I started getting these messages from sysutils/logcheck: egrep: trailing backslash (\) This post will document how I tracked down the problem. It is occurring on several hosts. In this post: FreeBSD 13.1 logcheck-1.3.24 Other similar issues I suspect the issue arises because of the change from egrep 2.5.1 under FreeBSD […]