Apr 292020

I’m in the final stages of the FreshPorts packages project. One of the last tasks is clearing the packages cache from disk when new package information is loaded into the database. See also: Clearing the packages cache Several of the configuration items have been learned from putting my poudriere instance into a jail. In this […]

Apr 292020

Last night the MySQL server instance in my dbclone jail stopped working. This is the jail into which copies of all my databases eventually go for test restores and backups. This morning I tried started it: [dan@dbclone:~] $ sudo service mysql-server start /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql-server: WARNING: failed precmd routine for mysql My initial search suggested removing /var/db/mysql […]

Apr 242020

Last night I was working on a PostgreSQL function which would take a bunch of rows from one table and update rows in another table. This is part of the FreshPorts packages project. When I ran it from the command line, it worked as expected. When I ran it from within a script, the DELETE […]

Apr 082020

If you have a blog, or anything online, I’m sure you have received an email saying: Hey, great article, would you mind linking to my website please? A few days later: hey! did you get my email? Then later still: I know you’re busy…. The one I received today was at first annoying but then […]

Apr 042020

This is just a placeholder for me to find this later. I was cleaning up some old snapshots. I’m not sure I should have removed those snapshots and I’m saving this here for next time I use bectl. [dan@slocum:~] $ grep -v autosnap ~/tmp/snapshots/snapshots zroot/bootenv/default@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/tmp@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/usr@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/usr/local@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/usr/obj@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/usr/src@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/var@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/var/audit@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/var/empty@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/var/log@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/var/tmp@2020-01-11-18:16:51 […]

Mar 272020

This sounds slightly political, and it is. Intentionally so. 1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. “the often remarkable resilience of so many British institutions” 2. the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. “nylon is excellent in wearability and resilience” Christophe Pettus recently said: Right up until […]

Mar 242020
Spare fiber cards

Sometimes I’ll be thinking about the hardware I have which is not in use. I’ll know it exists, but not the details. I’ll be in the wrong part of the house to have a quick look, or I might be nowhere near the house when the topic comes up. This post fixes that. These are […]

Mar 142020

2FA has its critics: It’s so unreliable! Phones are so easily hijacked It’s not a lot of added security etc Some of these make assumptions not necessarily in evidence. In this post: FreeBSD 12.1 pam_google_authenticator-1.08 Most of the 2FA I use is time-based one-off passwords (TOTP), as opposed to text messages. These are often 6-digit […]