Aug 012006

Just about everyone has been putting ads on their websites. I’ve been with BurstMedia since early 1999. They are very reliable. Their cheques have always arrived on time and I have never had reason to question their results.

Then Google AdSense arrived. I started using AdSense in April 2006. I was still using Burst, but added AdSense as a personal campaign. That is, if Burst could not fill a particular ad slot, AdSense got a go. In short, Burst was my primary ad source, and Google was my secondary.

May was my first full month with Google. It was pretty good. June was about the same. I figured I would try swapping primary and secondary. That is, take ads only from Google AdSense, and if they couldn’t fill the ad, try BurstMedia instead.

The results are in. My AdSense revenue is up this month over the previous two, but overall revenue is down. That is because the decrease in Burst revenue was significant. VERY.

Starting today, I’m going back to the original formula. Google will now only be used to fill ads that BurstMedia cannot.

Anyone else using a different ad combination?

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