Feb 112010

Following on from my previous post on my file server, here is what
I’m now looking at. It’s based upon various discussions on mailing lists and IRC channels.

  1. Samsung SATA CD/DVD Burner $20 (+ $8 shipping)
  2. SuperMicro 5046A $750 (+$43 shipping)
  3. RocketRAID 2300 PCIe 4x SATA $120 (+$8 shipping)
  4. Crucial 3x2G ECC DDR3-1333 $191 (+ $6 shipping)
  5. Xeon W3520 $310

Total price in cart: $1389.95 + $52.95 shipping = $1441.90

Not included: HDD, which will be my next task.

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  3 Responses to “The File Server (more detail)”

  1. Regarding #3, above, did you read some of the Newegg comments? This might affect your choices of disks.

  2. No, I hadn’t. But looking at them now, they appear to be RAID related issues. I will not be using this card for RAID. I will be using it only as a SATA straight-through controller (aka JBOD). No RAID at all. All RAID will be done by ZFS via RAIDZ.

    What do you think now?

  3. I think Highpoint is good stuff, I use a lowend RR and it’s been great. Everything I use is UFS2 so I can’t comment on the ZFS angle. I’m *very* pleased with gmirror except that I had to leave 8.0R to get the fixes for the bad performance mentioned elsewhere. I’d give it (ZFS) a shot if I was building something today with more than two disks in a volume but everything is built and I’m not messing with it unless it breaks. I simply don’t trust Seagate. Others swear by it. Pick your poison. We have a couple 1U Supermicros at work. They work but sound like jet turbines. Looks like a nice project, have fun.