I just bought and downloaded memtestosx.

Last login: Sun Jan  8 16:14:10 on ttys001
[dan@dent:~] $ /Volumes/memtest_422/memtest/memtest ; exit;

Memtest version 4.22 (64-bit)
Copyright (C) 2004 Charles Cazabon
Copyright (C) 2004-2008 Tony Scaminaci (Macintosh port)
Licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 only

NOTE: No command-line arguments have been specified
Using defaults: Test all available memory, one test pass, no logfile

Mac OS X 10.7.2 (11C74) running in multiuser mode
Memory Page Size: 4096
System has 8 Intel core(s) with SSE
Requested memory: 2099MB (2201194496 bytes)
Available memory: 2099MB (2201194496 bytes)
Allocated memory: 2099MB (2201194496 bytes) at local address 0x0000000101000000
Attempting memory lock... locked successfully
Partitioning memory into 2 comparison buffers...
Buffer A: 1049MB (1100597248 bytes) starts at local address 0x0000000101000000
Buffer B: 1049MB (1100597248 bytes) starts at local address 0x000000014299c800

Running 1 test sequence... (CTRL-C to quit)

Test sequence 1 of 1:

Running tests on full 2099MB region...
  Stuck Address       : ok              
  Linear PRN          : ok              
Running comparison tests using 1049MB buffers...
  Random Value        : ok 
  Compare XOR         : ok 
  Compare SUB         : ok 
  Compare MUL         : ok 
  Compare DIV         : ok 
  Compare OR          : ok 
  Compare AND         : ok 
  Sequential Increment: ok 
  Solid Bits          : ok              
  Block Sequential    : ok                 
  Checkerboard        : ok              
  Bit Spread          : ok                
  Bit Flip            : ok                
  Walking Ones        : ok                
  Walking Zeroes      : ok                

All tests passed!  Execution time: 606 seconds.


[Process completed]

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