Jan 112013

All parts for the server and the gateway have been ordered. The first deliveries are expected today. Here is the list of what arrives when.

Friday 11 Jan 2013

  1. All the internal parts for the server, except those shown below, via UPS. (delivered)
  2. Case for Gateway, via UPS. (delivered)

Saturday 12 Jan 2013

  1. The 8x2TB HDD for the server ZFS array, via FedEx. (delivered)

Tuesday 15 Jan 2013

  1. The main shipment of the gateway parts.
  2. one HDD for gateway gmirror via UPS.
  3. the last HDD for server mirror, from Memphis, TN, via UPS. (at the local UPS now)

Wednesday 16 Jan 2013

  1. Case for server, via UPS.

No assembly can start until next week.

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