Removing an old condensate pump

I bought a house. Yesterday was the settlement. I gave away some money, got a deed, and now I have a mortgage.

Last night was an empty house party for a small group of friends and new neighbors.

This morning I had a walk through the house with a finishing carpenter who is now retired. He was helpful in my learning about broken window mechanisms, door repair, ceiling patching, providing contacts for a roofer and an electrician. It was immensely useful to me. I took notes and now have a new blogging topic

Late this afternoon, I removed a broken condensate pump. The natural gas powered, forced air furnace produces water as a by product. It drips into an external reservoir, and gets pumped away to a drain at the other side of the basement. That pump is broken and the water was pooling on the floor.

condensate pump
condensate pump

In the above photograph, water comes from the furnace via two tubes. They go into the PVC pipe and then down into the pump on the floor. I think the reservoir in the PVC tubing is similar to an S-bend or trap in a sink. However, I suspect the purpose is to prevent insects from crawling into the tubing. The bottom of the tube is submerged in water.

The following photos are just details of the old pump.

It may not be clear here, but the screws were rusted over. I didn’t have my socket set with me, but I did have my screw-out tools with me. I failed to get any traction with that. I gave up and retrieved the socket set from the apartment.

Finding the right socket took a while too. Eventually, the 8mm socket worked.

This pump had been overflowing for a significant period of time. That rust didn’t accumulate overnight.

All that debris under the pump. I’ll clean that up after it dries.

This blurry photograph (sorry about that) is the temporary setup until the new condensate pump is installed. I had planned for that to be tomorrow morning, but a tooth filling has disappeared. My priorities have changed.

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