December 2022


For future reference, this is the knew server … oh wait, I think it’s this server which is was mounted in the 4U chassis mentioned in this post. It runs a few jails, including Bacula regression testing services. It is now mounted in a SuperChassis 846E16-R1200B This is the previous post for this system. Photos …

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For reference, the previous post on this server is still available. FYI, this server is named after Joshua Slocum, who was the first person to sail single-handedly around the world. This server was upgraded on Feb 2 2019. Only the storage persisted. Everything else was upgraded. The latest update was Upgrading an NVMe zpool from …

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using syncoid to backup ZFS snapshots – home assistant

Copies of data are good. Especially if on a different host. zfs snapshots combined with zfs send | zfs recv make replication of zfs file systems especially easy. I am already using sanoid to manage zfs snapshots. Now I’m going to use syncoid to transfer those snapshots to another host. Both sanoid and syncoid are …

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