PGCon – we’re ready. Are you?

I’ve been in Ottawa for a week now, preparing for both BSDCan 2011 and for PGCon 2011. Pretty much everything is done. The t-shirts are ordered. The lanyards, tote bags, and Google goodies are ready to go. The hard stuff is done. What’s left is mostly logistics, coordination, timing, and organization. And for you to …

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PGCon 2011 update

PGCon is an annual conference for users and developers of PostgreSQL, a leading relational database, which just happens to be open source. PGCon is the place to meet, discuss, build relationships, learn valuable insights, and generally chat about the work you are doing with PostgreSQL. If you want to learn why so many people are …

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PGCon – keynote… made your travel bookings yet?

Although PGCon 2011 is just 9 weeks away, that time will fly past. People will start gathering in Ottawa early in the week for the two days of tutorials followed by two days of talks. PGCon is also a social event, so there will be many opportunities to mingle and meet other members of your …

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PGCon 2011 – registration now open

Registration for PGCon 2011 has opened. The list of talks is impressive. You’ll find something there for everyone. Again this year, as every year, we bring together developers and users from all over the world to meet and to learn from each other. PGCon has a consistent history of providing high quality for low cost. …

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Copying to tape, missed something….

I recently wrote about copying jobs with a very good backup tool. My goal was to keep copies of the backups on both disk and tape. Since then, I started playing around with a little webpage to keep tabs on what’s in my tape libary. Today I noticed a little problem. I have backups from 75 days ago that are waiting to be copied to tape.

I’ll just let you think about why this happened. Yesterday, this queue held jobs that were about 16 hours old. How did this old job get into the queue?

Sending out a URL for password reset

Quite some time ago, FreshPorts and The FreeBSD Diary both moved from clear text passwords to password hashes. As such, you are no longer able to recover your password. You had to email me. This is extra work for everyone. Let us automate this. The first, step, is a table: create table user_password_reset( user_id int …

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