Jul 092014

Earlier today, I was reminded of a old series of tweets regarding temperature. That led me to this to a FreeBSD Forums post which showed me this interesting bit of information.

I draw your attention to the two hw.acpi.thermal values near the top. Those may well represent the ambient room temperature, more or less.

A little shell script. Some graphing. Bob’s yer uncle.

# kldload coretemp
# sysctl -a | grep -i "temp".
net.inet6.ip6.use_tempaddr: 0
net.inet6.ip6.temppltime: 86400
net.inet6.ip6.tempvltime: 604800
net.inet6.ip6.prefer_tempaddr: 0
hw.usb.template: 0
hw.acpi.thermal.tz0.temperature: 27.8C
hw.acpi.thermal.tz1.temperature: 29.8C
dev.cpu.0.coretemp.delta: 47
dev.cpu.0.coretemp.resolution: 1
dev.cpu.0.coretemp.tjmax: 105.0C
dev.cpu.0.coretemp.throttle_log: 0
dev.cpu.0.temperature: 58.0C
dev.cpu.1.coretemp.delta: 47
dev.cpu.1.coretemp.resolution: 1
dev.cpu.1.coretemp.tjmax: 105.0C
dev.cpu.1.coretemp.throttle_log: 0
dev.cpu.1.temperature: 58.0C
dev.cpu.2.coretemp.delta: 50
dev.cpu.2.coretemp.resolution: 1
dev.cpu.2.coretemp.tjmax: 105.0C
dev.cpu.2.coretemp.throttle_log: 0
dev.cpu.2.temperature: 55.0C
dev.cpu.3.coretemp.delta: 50
dev.cpu.3.coretemp.resolution: 1
dev.cpu.3.coretemp.tjmax: 105.0C
dev.cpu.3.coretemp.throttle_log: 0
dev.cpu.3.temperature: 55.0C
dev.cpu.4.coretemp.delta: 50
dev.cpu.4.coretemp.resolution: 1
dev.cpu.4.coretemp.tjmax: 105.0C
dev.cpu.4.coretemp.throttle_log: 0
dev.cpu.4.temperature: 55.0C
dev.cpu.5.coretemp.delta: 50
dev.cpu.5.coretemp.resolution: 1
dev.cpu.5.coretemp.tjmax: 105.0C
dev.cpu.5.coretemp.throttle_log: 0
dev.cpu.5.temperature: 55.0C
dev.cpu.6.coretemp.delta: 53
dev.cpu.6.coretemp.resolution: 1
dev.cpu.6.coretemp.tjmax: 105.0C
dev.cpu.6.coretemp.throttle_log: 0
dev.cpu.6.temperature: 52.0C
dev.cpu.7.coretemp.delta: 53
dev.cpu.7.coretemp.resolution: 1
dev.cpu.7.coretemp.tjmax: 105.0C
dev.cpu.7.coretemp.throttle_log: 0
dev.cpu.7.temperature: 52.0C
dev.coretemp.0.%desc: CPU On-Die Thermal Sensors
dev.coretemp.0.%driver: coretemp
dev.coretemp.0.%parent: cpu0
dev.coretemp.1.%desc: CPU On-Die Thermal Sensors
dev.coretemp.1.%driver: coretemp
dev.coretemp.1.%parent: cpu1
dev.coretemp.2.%desc: CPU On-Die Thermal Sensors
dev.coretemp.2.%driver: coretemp
dev.coretemp.2.%parent: cpu2
dev.coretemp.3.%desc: CPU On-Die Thermal Sensors
dev.coretemp.3.%driver: coretemp
dev.coretemp.3.%parent: cpu3
dev.coretemp.4.%desc: CPU On-Die Thermal Sensors
dev.coretemp.4.%driver: coretemp
dev.coretemp.4.%parent: cpu4
dev.coretemp.5.%desc: CPU On-Die Thermal Sensors
dev.coretemp.5.%driver: coretemp
dev.coretemp.5.%parent: cpu5
dev.coretemp.6.%desc: CPU On-Die Thermal Sensors
dev.coretemp.6.%driver: coretemp
dev.coretemp.6.%parent: cpu6
dev.coretemp.7.%desc: CPU On-Die Thermal Sensors
dev.coretemp.7.%driver: coretemp
dev.coretemp.7.%parent: cpu7

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  1. Either my computer is good at thermal management or those values are false. They have not changed in the past 12 hours. Lack of variation is suspicious.

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