Short Term Plan (amended)

Taken from the original with completed items removed.

I have several items I would like to complete in the short term. Writing them down may help me commit to doing them.

To Do

  • allow new server to slave DNS
  • move IRC proxy to another server
  • put cover back on BAST
  • get SSL working with EFNET
  • Send out RFP reminders in Jan
  • contact the theatres regarding Star Trek (ask in OCLUG who has seen the trailers)
  • Get spamd running on the new server
  • Add a check to Nagios to check that system email arrives each day (e.g. ‘security run output’, ‘daily run output’)
  • Fix up my DVR and ActionTech router so it works with just one network connection
  • Finish off the Bacula migration story
  • Do some more work on OpenVPN CRL and certificates with passphrases (added 2008-12-01)
  • add items to this list that I have forgotten about



  • see if mantis has been upgraded – 2008-12-06
  • upgrade Mantis on – 2008-12-06
  • are backups working on the new vm? – confirmed on 2008-12-07: been running for ages
  • Get MacPorts running on my MacBook – 2008-12-07: did this sometime earlier this week.
  • Upgrade the NYI server to the latest version of PostgreSQL: done 2008-12-07
  • Prepare the BSDCan and PGCon websites for 2009 (partly done): done 2008-12-17
  • Get Pentabarf running on SUPERNEWS: done 2008-12-17
  • Send out the Call For Papers for BSDCan and PGCon: done 2008-12-20
  • Try a certificate revocation list: done something in 2009-01
  • try an IP address change at home, see how the servers handle it – happened while I was out of town in 2008-12. All seemed well.
  • try Bacula Beta in regression testing – done in 2009-01
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