Mar 022009

It is snowing in much of the north east of USA today. A few flakes were coming down by the time I arrived home at about 9PM on Sunday night, but there was no accumulation. By the time I went to bed at about midnight, the cars next to mine were covered but the Subaru had barely anything on it. My parking spot is more exposed to the wind, so less snow settled there.

This morning the neighbourhood kids were out in the snow for a little while. It was roughly 20F (-6C) outside, with a nice even dump of lovely white snow. The white was bitter, but that didn’t stop the kids from sliding down the hill into the catchment basin.

I can see County Line Road from my house. There was very little traffic when I checked about noon. That’s when I decided to venture out and introduce the new Subaru to snow. It’s been covered in snow before, but that was while I was up in Ottawa in mid-March. It handled the snow as I expected and didn’t have any problems anywhere.

On Sunday, I’d been helping a friend diagnose a leaking moldy ceiling. The conclusion, after taking photos and showing them to the crowd at Home Depot: leaking sewer vent pipe. Shove the pipe up a bit, so the horizontal section drains better. Put silicon around the joints of the corner sections of the pipe. Cut out the drywall from the ceiling. Replace cut section. Spackle. Paint. Etc. We bought all the materials and will attempt the repairs another day.

I’m still looking for work. Today is the start of week 5. Yes, 4 weeks ago right now, I was packing up my cube. Even being out of work is a full time job. I’m looking through the web, contacting people, interviewing, and catching up on previously ignored but vital chores.

I have a whole bunch of stuff to put on eBay. Some of it has been waiting for over a year. I’ll see to that as soon as I get home. :)

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