Best Buy website reports incorrect stock levels

I wanted to buy a netbook tonight. I failed. The website claimed the item was in stock. Off I went.

“Sorry, we don’t carry that item at this store.”

I’m sorry Best Buy, but I’m not driving to another store until you give me accurate information.

Bestbuy stock levels

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7 thoughts on “Best Buy website reports incorrect stock levels”

  1. If you do the “Order online and pick it up in the store” routine, someone actually confirms the items is in stock or not and you get an e-mail back with the result. If it’s really there, you just pick it up, otherwise you saved yourself a trip there when the e-mail saying it’s not actually there shows up. That’s what I normally do if the trip to the store is non-trivial. Went through three stores like that in an hour when I was looking for a gift near the holidays, where stock information was really stale, before I found the one store that still had the item.

  2. Just in case the BestBuy URL changes, the netbook I bought is:

    Asus – Eee PC Netbook with Intel® Atomâ„¢ Processor N270 – Black
    Model: EPC1000HEB-BLK001X | SKU: 9251392

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