September 2010

Overly agressive spam rejection

I’ve been getting a few of these emails lately. It’s my own servers rejecting email I’m send to myself. I’m not sure yet where to adjust these settings. I’m not even sure what software is rejecting it. I suspect amavis. Return-Path: <> X-Original-To: Delivered-To: Received: from localhost (localhost []) by (Postfix) with …

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ntp wasn’t running but Nagios didn’t notice

Earlier today, I noticed the following output from a Bacula job: 24-Sep 14:14 bacula-dir JobId 38548: Start Backup JobId 38548, Job=latens_home.2010-09-24_14.12.38_31 24-Sep 14:14 bacula-dir JobId 38548: Using Device “MegaFile-latens” 24-Sep 14:09 latens-fd JobId 38548: DIR and FD clocks differ by -307 seconds, FD automatically compensating. That’s 5 minutes. It shouldn’t be varying by that much. …

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Back in Feburary, I ordered a 720W PSU for $150. There was a $60 rebate with it. When the PSU arrived, I promptly filled out the form and put it in an envelope for mailing. Except, I didn’t mail it. I found that envelope a few weeks ago. What the hell. I mailed it. It …

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Sending out a URL for password reset

Quite some time ago, FreshPorts and The FreeBSD Diary both moved from clear text passwords to password hashes. As such, you are no longer able to recover your password. You had to email me. This is extra work for everyone. Let us automate this. The first, step, is a table: create table user_password_reset( user_id int …

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3Ware RAID issues resolved

It seems the RAID issues mentioned in recent posts have been resolved. On Friday, I upgraded the firmware on the controller and rebooted. 5 days later, the status is still OK: $ sudo /usr/local/sbin/tw_cli info c0 u0 Password: Unit UnitType Status %RCmpl %V/I/M Port Stripe Size(GB) ———————————————————————— u0 RAID-10 OK – – – 64K 195.548 …

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