ZFS – how much space do I have?

According to this, I have 5.41T available.

$ zpool list
storage  12.7T  7.28T  5.41T    57%  ONLINE  -

According to this, I have 3.7T available:

$ df -h | grep stora
storage                       3.7T    1.7G    3.7T     0%    /storage
storage/Retored               3.7T     39K    3.7T     0%    /storage/Retored
storage/bacula                8.0T    4.3T    3.7T    54%    /storage/bacula
storage/pgsql                 3.7T    5.5G    3.7T     0%    /storage/pgsql

Which is correct?

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1 thought on “ZFS – how much space do I have?”

  1. They’re both correct, for the type of information they’re displaying. “zpool” shows you the raw usage information, whereas df (or zfs list) will show you what’s available for user data. If you have a raidz layout, for example, the zpool list command includes in the AVAIL column the space for parity information. If you have a three-way raidz pool, and each disk is 1T, then an empty pool will show 3T for the zpool output and 2T for the zfs list or df output.

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