Mar 052015

I’ve been a contributor to the Bacula project since 2004 (about 10 years). My contributions have mostly in the PostgreSQL backend, regression testing, maintainer of the FreeBSD ports, and how-to guides and blog entries. My current tape library is a donated SDLT 220 unit and I am looking to upgrade it.

Can I have your LTO-4/5/6 tape library please?

I’m asking for a donation but I’m also being choosy.

  1. Space and power considerations are important as the tape library will be sitting in my spare bedroom. Therefore, it has to be a relatively small unit (say 4-6U).
  2. It has to take a standard power cable (i.e 15A, not 20+A) because that’s what my apartment has.

I’ll be using the donation for my backups and ongoing testing of open source projects.

You can reply in the comments or via email to

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  4 Responses to “Please give me your LTO-4 or better tape library”

  1. Too bad about the size. I have a Overland Neo8000 with 7 LTO5 drives in it coming free in a few days (and a Neo 4000 LTO2 sitting on a shelf.)

  2. I now have a Dell LT4000, as shown in these photos.