Jun 202018

This is a work in progress. As I make more decisions and receive additional suggestions/advice, I will update this page.

I live in an apartment. The Verizon FiOS ONT is outside on the ground floor. I live two floors up.

I am considering moving the rack from the bedroom to 7x12ft locked room in the basement. It would share space with my washer and dryer (which is vented to the outside).


  1. noise – While I can easily hear birds outside when the window is open, there is about 40-50db of sound about 4ft from my chair. The noise increases as the apartment heats up in summer.
  2. heat – In the winter, it’s a nice apartment warmer. In the summer, it can get to be 85F in the office even when the rest of the apartment is 77F.

What will I lose?

  1. heating – The room is fine in winter. I heated the apartment one one day this winter, and I’m sure that will get more expensive

What will I gain?

  1. cooling – It will be easier to cool the place in summer

Things I want/need to do

  1. Stack the washer and dryer to free up more floor space
  2. Get 2x 20A lines installed
  3. Convert the ONT to ethernet-out and run a line to the switch in the basement
  4. To provide network service to the apartment, run an ethernet cable outside, up the side of the building, probably in conduit, just because I can. This might need to be multiple cables (see below).
  5. Perhaps a better solution is running fiber from the basement to the apartment and buy an SFP+ capable switch


  1. The basement has had water on the floor about 3 times in the past four years. Depth was about 0.25″ – 0.5″ on the concrete floor. That depth will not touch any gear.
  2. There are 6 network cables which exit the rack. These handle various devices within the apartment.
  3. I have several VLANs; Some of these service devices in the apartment (e.g. TV, stereo are on one VLAN, wireless is on another VLAN, $WORK is another VLAN, etc). I’m going to need a managed switch up in the apartment to talk nicely with the switches in the basement. Or I could run multiple cables between basement and apartment.
  4. Running multiple wires might be a good idea regardless.

What do I not yet know how to do

  1. Vent to the outside for cooling, I don’t know if I can leverage the existing vent for the dryer or even if that’s useful
  2. Perhaps a vent in the door to draw in air from the rest of the basement.
  3. The rack draws about 800 watts

Please leave idea and suggestions in the comments below. Thank you.

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