Server build Saturday!

Tomorrow I’ll be doing some server and rack work. I’ll be moving one system into a new chassis, combining two desktops into the old chassis, and putting both chassis back into the rack. There are a bunch of steps here and I want to write them down so they all get done.

These steps were completed last night:

  1. Remove tape01 and tape02 from the rack.
  2. Remove the shelf from the rack which held tape01 & tape02.

For references, these photos might help.

These are the upcoming steps.

Move slocum into the new chassis

  1. Unpack the new chassis, which contains a M/B, two CPUs, and RAM, but no storage
  2. Install SAS 2308 card into the chassis
  3. Remove slocum from the rack
  4. Move the fiber card from slocum into the new chassis
  5. Move drives from slocum into the chassis
  6. Make sure this system boots
  7. Rack the new chassis, which is now called slocum

Combine tape01 and tape02 into the old chassis

  1. Swap the M/B between tape02 and the old slocum chassis
  2. Move the drives from tape02 into the old chassis
  3. Move the SCSI card from tape01 into the old chassis
  4. Fire up the old chassis and see if it works
  5. Replace the existing & broken rails for and install the new ones
  6. Rack the old chassis, now known as tape01
  7. tape02 no longer exists

Keep one, sell the other

The two desktop cases, previously known as tape01 and tape02, are no longer used in the rack. I plan to sell one and keep the other as a testbed. It might be easier to sell the old slocum M/B as it’s a higher spec.

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