Nov 092019

When I set up the R720 with internal SSDs, I used a SATA power splitter, a Y-shaped cable. Today I replaced it because of a known fire-hazard.

I received an email from a reader urging me to replace it and supplied a reference to a known good cable. I happened to have that very cable. It turned out, I needed, and had, two of them.

In general, you want to avoid molded SATA connectors and instead use crimped-on connectors.

The following image is the splitter I removed. You can see it in the photos in the above-mentioned post.

The SATA splitter cable I replaced

The SATA splitter cable I replaced

This is the result after I installed the new cables.

The replacement cables installed

The replacement cables installed

For more information on the types of cable you want to replace, search for “sata molex adapter fire”.

This is the cable I replaced it with: 4X SATA Power Splitter Adapter Cable (PYO4SATA).

I had read about this issue before but had still used that cable. I have since thrown all such cables away.

Thank you.

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