May 172005

It has been nearly three months since my last post. Let me change that now.

BSDCan 2005 was a roaring success. We had 197 people, up from 175 last year. We had lots of compliments, and hints of corporate sponsorship. People came from 15 different countries including 26 from outside North America. That’s pretty impressive.

The Hyper-Threading Vulnerability talk was a great bonus. The story has been mentioned on many websites already.

Planning for BSDCan 2006 will start in a few weeks time. I’ll just take a short time to recover….

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  2 Responses to “BSDCan 2005”

  1. Hey, what ever happened to your laptop story? Did you get it back? Did u ever hear from MSN…. what happened?

  2. It was never recovered. Through donations, I bought an IBM ThinkPad T41. I’ve written a few things about that new laptops:

    5.* on an IBM ThinkPad T41
    IBM ThinkPad T41

    This Google Search on FreeBSD Diary will find them all.

    I did eventually get an email from MSN. The guy was helpful and very nice.