Tips for running an online conference

NOTE: This post was composed in June 2020. I think I got started running conferences in 2002 when I helped with Open Source Weekend 2003. The next year, I started BSDCan. Three years later, PGCon start. All up, I think I’ve run at least 32 conferences, two of which have been online: BSDCan 2020 and …

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Have you never been to BSDCan?

I remember a time when I’d never been to a conference related to my passions. Once I went, things changed. I realized that making strong working relationships with others who share my passion is important. Not only does this solidify the community of which you are a member, it also helps you personally. Every conference …

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The Bacula Tutorial jail server

One of the challenges of providing hands-on demonstrations is giving everyone their own sandbox to play in. I don’t want people to spend time on installing software. I want people to learn about the software in question, specifically Bacula. With this in mind, I’ve been building up a solution based on FreeBSD 9.1, ZFS, and …

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BSDCan 2013 – registration now open

BSDCan 2013 will be the tenth BSDCan. This will be big. A huge party is planned for the Friday night. We’re also bringing in some big-name speakers for the tutorials and talks. Do not underestimate how much you’ll learn, how much fun you’ll have, and how many good working relationships and friendships you will develop …

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jail: execv: /bin/sh: No such file or directory

Recently, I was moving some jails from one server to another. First, I created the jail using the -x switch, which indicates the jail already exists, don’t create it, just add entries for it: # ezjail-admin create -f bacula -x Warning: Some services already seem to be listening on IP This may …

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Pentabarf – seeing the speakers

Both BSDCan and PGCon use Pentabarf for accepting and reviewing proposals for talks. An issue raised in 2009 highlighted the ability to see the speaker name when review the list of submissions. It is a bit of very useful information. This year, I’ve found out that we can see that vital data. Provided the speaker …

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BSDCan/PGCon 2010

From Interview with Dan Langille. We talk about the 2010 BSDCan and PGCon conferences. More information at and We also talk briefly about FreeBSD 8. File Info: 16Min, 8MB.

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