The Bacula Tutorial jail server

One of the challenges of providing hands-on demonstrations is giving everyone their own sandbox to play in. I don’t want people to spend time on installing software. I want people to learn about the software in question, specifically Bacula. With this in mind, I’ve been building up a solution based on FreeBSD 9.1, ZFS, and

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jail: execv: /bin/sh: No such file or directory

Recently, I was moving some jails from one server to another. First, I created the jail using the -x switch, which indicates the jail already exists, don’t create it, just add entries for it: # ezjail-admin create -f bacula -x Warning: Some services already seem to be listening on IP This may

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Pentabarf – seeing the speakers

Both BSDCan and PGCon use Pentabarf for accepting and reviewing proposals for talks. An issue raised in 2009 highlighted the ability to see the speaker name when review the list of submissions. It is a bit of very useful information. This year, I’ve found out that we can see that vital data. Provided the speaker

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