Mar 212006

I’m back from Dominican Republic. This was a family holiday, planned well before I became unemployed. So don’t let the previous post cause any confusion. I’m still looking for work.

After we arrived home, I was pleased to find a package waiting for me from Michael Pan of
Berkeley, California. Micheal sent me 10 almost-new DLT tapes! Today, I loaded those tapes into my tape library and ran my usual tape testing routines. All passed with flying colours, each tape giving less than 10 corrected errors per GB. Actually, one tape gave 27 errors/GB on its first test but dropped to below 10 on a second test. I’m told that is normal for new tapes. The error rate decreases for the first few passes.

We did two tours while away:

  • Ocean World is a lot of fine. Be sure to go through the bird displays, and watch the shark encounter. The narrative done by the shark team is great.
  • Monster Truck Safari is very interesting. You get away from the resorts and see a small portion of the country. If you can, get Arnie as your tour guide. We liked Arnie.

I highly recommend both tours. We had a great time.

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  3 Responses to “Back from Dominican Republic”

  1. Hello Dan.. is nice to see that you like to come to my country :D do you think to came back again ? here we are trying to came up with a BSD group and will be nice to meet you some day!

  2. I very much enjoyed my trip. I didn’t leave Puerto Plata and didn’t see much else. I won’t be back in the near future. It will probably be a few years at least.

  3. That’s cool you got to go to the Dominican Republic. How was it? Do you have any pictures to post form the trip? I am so jealous!!

    Don Lapre Fan