Apr 062006

Many mp3 players recharge through a USB connection. What do you do if you go on holiday without your computer?

On a recent trip, three of us had mp3 players that would need recharging while away. The last thing we wanted was non-functional music when sitting on the beach, or on the airplane.

The solution: a USB hub. You can pick up a USB hub quite cheaply. Get one that comes with an AC adapater, so that it provides its own power. This will recharge your battery. Be sure the connectors are arranged such that you can connect all the mp3 players at the same time. Test it at the shop if you can to be sure that it really does charge your mp3 player.

Hope this helps!

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  5 Responses to “Recharging your USB mp3 player”

  1. how do u recharge with a computer do u use a usb port?

  2. I usually charge my MP3 player by plugging it computer (via the USB connection).

    NOTE: Not *all* MP3 players can be charged through the USB port.

  3. Several USB rechargeable MP3 players I have seen do not allow playing of music while charging. I have a USB to auto accessory plug for my car. The problem is that I would like to keep the player plugged and powered in the vehicle all the time. I cannot do this. As soon as I plug the MP3 players into power they shut down and start charging or go into file transfer mode. Both modes do not allow playing of MP3s.

    Wookie B.

  4. Usually I do it too.It is the only true way.

  5. how do u recharge a [LR – n13] mp3 player . should i use a usb port or get a charger for it or this mp3 is use and throw one please replay