Nov 162007

I’ve found work. Lots of it in fact. I had three job offers, and declined to proceed to with a few more interview processes. In the end, I took a job with Afilias. I’ll be working with PostgreSQL as a DBA (database administrator).

It was just 6 weeks ago that I posted to a few mailing lists that I was looking for work. This was shortly a few seemingly hopeful leads died out. You may recall that I relocated to Florida in May. In June, the job was outsourced. I’ve been looking for work since. There have been interviews, but either I didn’t fit or the type of work was quite unsuitable.

I was glad not to get a call back from one company. They were into lead generation. That’s the polite term for colllecting details and selling them to direct marketing companies. If I’d been offerred the job, it would have placed me into an ethical bind. I’m just as happy they did not call me back.

I am now in the process of relocating from Jupiter, FL, USA to live near Horsham, PA. I’ll be renting a Penske truck, and towing the car on a trailer. I plan to leave here in about 10 days (around 26 Nov).

Hopefully I will have a place to stay by the time I get up there. :)

My thanks to the many queries regarding employment that I received. It’s been a tough 6 months of unemployment. It really eats into the savings.

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  One Response to “Work found”

  1. Congratulations, Dan! It’s good to know that you’ll be back to getting paid for fighting entropy on the sysadmin front once again.