Nov 222007

I started packing last week. You might think I’m getting good at packing, having done it just six months ago. I have to admit, many things were not yet unpacked. The office is pretty much packed up. I have left out the printer in case there are some last minute things needed (reservations, directions, etc).

Today (yes, it’s US Thanksgiving) I took apart the bed. It is an IKEA bed, so it breaks down into very flat parts. After I arrived in Jupiter, FL, the plan was to buy furniture here, from IKEA. The local store just opened a month or so ago, but I have not been. So now it will be the local Philadelphia store that will get my custom.

Yesterday, it was the office. I took apart the two desks (one for the workstation, another for working on computer innards). The day before, it was the rack. All the computers, save for my laptop, are now sitting on the floor in a mess of cables, ready to be packed up on Sunday night.

The bedroom still has some stuff to pack up, but the bed was literally and figuratively the biggest task. The kitchen and the living room still need to be tackled. The kitchen should not take long. The living room may. The stereo and TV are the big items there, plus the speakers and cable. That might take a few hours.

I pick up the Penske truck on Monday morning. I’ll see if I can get someone to help me load. Justine, at the local starbucks, knows some locals. Perhaps she can help. Right now, I’m taking a break typing this up, before attacking the bedroom again.

Moving is such joy.

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