Nov 252007

There are 12 hours before I pick up the truck and start the move to Pennsylvania. Right now, Bacula is running the second set of full backups of the day. I’ll leave one copy here in Jupiter, and take the other copy with me.

Left to do:

  • pack up the tv and move it downstairs
  • close down the utilities account (water/sewer)
  • return the Comcast cable gear
  • pack up the matress
  • move the sofa downstairs
  • shutdown the network and pack it up

The big job on Monday will be loading the truck. I’ll also have to remember to contact SunPass and let them know the tag numbers for the truck and trailer. I’ll be on the turnpike part of the way up to Tampa.

Why Tampa? I’m visiting John and Ruth, the parents/inlaws of Leisa & Eric, two friends from university. From there, I’ll head north and pretty much follow I-95 all the way. A stop at Busch Gardens for some roller coasters may be in order.

And if I can find some nice mountain bike trails along the way, that would be a nice start/end to the day….

Hmm…. I wonder what I’ve forgotten?

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