Aug 192008

I biffed last night. Hard. It was in Wissahickon. Fortunately, the injuries will heal and no scars will be visible, unless I want them to. It was entirely my fault. I sat where I should have stood and got tossed over the bars. I was going too fast too. :)

I have four, maybe five stitches in my right elbow, one stitch in my right knee, a severely bruised left thigh, and lots of abrasions on my forearms. I didn’t sleep much last night. It was difficult to find a comfortable position where I could fall asleep. I’ve taken today off from work. I’m busy with compression bandages and ice. Painkillers and Antibiotics.

The left thigh was immediately numb after the fall. It’s still numb from time to time. Just where it is bruised. Quite painful. Which reminds me, There might be something better to kill pain than Advil liqui-gels, which is all I have.

All in all, I’d rather be mountain biking. :)

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