Short chat with a Nigerian Scammer

I recently had a conversation with a Nigerian scammer.

(08:44:47) aalinaamoda: hey
(09:00:00) Dan Langille: hey
(09:00:06) aalinaamoda: How u doing
(09:00:20) Dan Langille: wonderfuly
(09:00:25) aalinaamoda: good
(09:03:10) Dan Langille: So, what is your goal?

Goal as in getting my money?

(09:03:30) aalinaamoda: Hmm
(09:03:38) aalinaamoda: i am a deaf
(09:04:13) Dan Langille: Excellant.  My brother taught me sign language.  What system do you use?  

Untrue, and bogus.

(09:04:40) aalinaamoda: Your brother is a deaf too
(09:04:45) Dan Langille: Yes

I lied.

(09:05:19) aalinaamoda: Oh ok
(09:06:27) Dan Langille: Where do you live?
(09:06:59) aalinaamoda: I live with a roommate in Cali
(09:07:00) aalinaamoda: u
(09:07:14) Dan Langille: I live in California too.  What part?

Also a lie.

(09:08:06) aalinaamoda: sunset beach
(09:08:17) aalinaamoda: but i am out from the state presently
(09:08:30) Dan Langille: Where are you then?
(09:09:14) Dan Langille: Sunset Beach?  That's near Santa Barbara isn't it?
(09:10:56) aalinaamoda: Yes
(09:10:58) aalinaamoda: you right

Sunset Beach is near Los Angeles, not Santa Barbara.

(09:11:07) aalinaamoda: I am in West Africa

This I already knew. The IP address was part of LB-COBRANET-20050530

(09:11:23) Dan Langille: Sounds fun. Doing what?
(09:11:39) aalinaamoda: I came to see my dad
(09:12:04) Dan Langille: And what's he doing there?
(09:12:13) Dan Langille: How long have you been there?
(09:12:14) aalinaamoda: His sick
(09:12:21) aalinaamoda: i came here last week
(09:12:24) Dan Langille: Damn.  And why is he still there?
(09:12:39) aalinaamoda: his from here
(09:13:04) Dan Langille: Sounds very interesting.
(09:13:18) Dan Langille: So where in WA are you?
(09:13:21) aalinaamoda: ok
(09:13:31) aalinaamoda: so i have to come down here to see him
(09:14:10) Dan Langille: And where in West Africa are you?
(09:14:22) aalinaamoda: Nigeria

Most likely the first tru thing he has told me.

(09:14:46) Dan Langille: And what is your dad sick with?
(09:15:24) aalinaamoda: He has a Brain Tumor
(09:15:31) Dan Langille: prognosis?
(09:15:41) aalinaamoda: yes

Eh? What? Yes?

That’s when he disconnected.

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5 thoughts on “Short chat with a Nigerian Scammer”

  1. Dan,
    I see you have met my prankster cousin AAlinaamoda. That’s not his real name of course. I warned him — if he’s going to make up lies about uncle, he really has to be more creative and improve his English vocabulary. What do you expect from a kid.

    Tsk tsk — little cousins never listen.

    I am curious why you bothered chatting with him. Were you sufficiently bored?


  2. It sounds like you got to talk directly to the guy who emails all of us all the time asking for account numbers, claiming to be a king, and promising millions of dollars. Scamming must be big business in Nigeria.

  3. Prognosis Tumors are horrible for connectivity :p

    I have also stifled a bot on aMSN in my time. When they are talking about sex and sexual innuendos – replying with “Have you install FreeBSD/PC-BSD yet?” and other related comments is just hilarious IMO. Then again, I may have (read: definitely HAVE) too much time on my hands ;).

    PS, just got FreeBSD 8 on a Pentium II, awesome!

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