Exporting a Google Map

It was 2008 when I first created a Google Map for BSDCan and for PGCon. That year, I create one map, for each conference. In 2009, I needed two different maps because the venues were different. Each conference was at University of Ottawa, but in different buildings. It was then that I first learned, with some effort, how to export and import a Google Map. This process is must like File-Save-As, but not quite as easy.

The easy way to do this follows. This process assumes that you already have a Google Account and are familiar with the map creation process. This process also requires the URL to the map you wish to copy. That said:

  1. My Maps
  2. Create new map
  3. Import
  4. In the field ‘Or enter the url of map data on the web’, paste the URL of the map you wish to copy
  5. To your pasted URL, append this: &output=kml
  6. Click on Upload

That’s it. You should have the data imported. Great!

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