Upgrading Pentabarf

Pentabarf is the conference tool used by BSDCan and PGCON. I upgraded it recently and ran into trouble. I think that has been resolved now.

Since I last upgraded Pentabarf, it went from using svn to using git. Thus, you need a clean checkout of Pentabarf. I copied away the original source before I did this:

git clone git://github.com/nevs/pentabarf.git

Then I copied over my existing configuration files:

rails/config/*.yml files

Then I ran a number of database upgrades, after first backing up by existing database:

export PGDATABASE=pentabarf_bsdcan
export PGUSER=pentabarf

psql < sql/maintenance/upgrade_0.3.16_to_0.3.17.sql

For the next one, I had to comment out the two drop views:

–DROP VIEW view_schedule_simple;
–DROP VIEW view_schedule_calendar;

psql < sql/maintenance/upgrade_0.3.17_to_0.3.18.sql

Then a number of more upgrades:

psql < sql/maintenance/upgrade_0.3.18_0.4.0.sql psql < sql/maintenance/upgrade_0.4.0_to_0.4.1.sql psql < sql/maintenance/upgrade_0.4.1_to_0.4.2.sql

I found I had to create a new directory:

cd rails
mkdir -p tmp/pids

I had a number of upgrades to do:

psql < data/ui_message.sql psql < data/ui_message_localized.sql psql < data/auth.conference_role.sql psql < data/auth.conference_role_localized.sql psql < data/auth.conference_role_permission.sql psql < views.sql psql < functions.sql

And then restart mongrel:

sudo mongrel_rails cluster::restart

That was it. AFAIK.

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