How much space is used by my ZFS snapshots

How much space is used by my ZFS snapshots?

That’s the question I asked. I found the answer here.

$ zfs list -ro space 
NAME                                      AVAIL   USED  USEDSNAP  USEDDS  USEDREFRESERV  USEDCHILD
system                                    9.35T  10.9T         0    329K              0      10.9T
system/root                               9.35T  1.18M      640K    567K              0          0
system/rootfs                             9.35T  2.14G     90.9M   2.05G              0          0
system/tmp                                9.35T  43.6M     14.5M   29.1M              0          0
system/usr                                9.35T  10.9T     18.3K    329K              0      10.9T
system/usr/home                           9.35T  20.3G         0    329K              0      20.3G
system/usr/home/dan                       9.35T  20.3G     6.43G   13.9G              0       329K

Hope that helps.

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