Looking for a tape library

The current situation

The tape library I am using now is a DLT-8000 with a 15-cartridge magazine. Until a few weeks ago, it’s been quite reliable. But now, the drive inside it is not performing well. It’s throwing drive faults and failing to write everything to the tape (i.e. what we read back is smaller than what we wrote). I have two replacement DLT-8000 drives and I’ve tried both. Neither of them are functional.

I could start looking for a replacement DLT-8000 drive, but….

The tape library in waiting

I have a replacement tape library waiting to be used. It’s a Compaq StorageWorks MSL5026. However, I’m having difficulty finding a SCSI card for it. It needs to be a PCI or PCI-E SCSI LVD/SE with an VHDCI connector.

  1. PCI because I have those slots available. A PCI-X won’t fit (i.e. 64 bit card in a 32 bit slot) because of components on the M/B will obstruct the insertion of such a card.
  2. LVD/SE because that’s what the tape library needs.
  3. VHCDI because that’s the connector on the tape library.

The older tape libraries

I have a DLT-7000 library which is in reasonable order and I could start using that again. I have a few spare DLT-7000 drives sitting around and lots of DLT IV tapes.

Cast the net

This has me thinking LTO. Do you have an LTO tape library still around which is unused? Would you consider donating it away to me?

Would a newer tape library be any easier when finding parts (i.e SCSI cards; do they use SCSI cards?)? Then I’d need to find tapes as well.

Email me anytime.

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