Where is your tech passion?

You like tech. You know you like it. Do you know what part of tech you are most passionate about?

I credit a Google employee for the following idea. It was told to me while I was at the FreeBSD Foundation booth at GHC 2016.

The following is a relatively cheap project you can do in your spare time, weekends, and evenings.

  • For the following tasks, blog about each step, in sufficient detail for someone else to duplicate what you are doing.
  • Find an old computer.
  • Get it working, add hard drives, network, etc.
  • Install an OS on it. Naturally, I recommend FreeBSD
  • Connect this computer to the internet.
  • Install a webserver.
  • Write a small program for this webserver.
  • Make this program publicly available.
  • Go back and read your blog, from start to finish.
  • Figure out which parts of the above process interested you the most.
  • Those parts are your passion.

You might find you like hardware, that you love putting computers together.

You might discover that networking is your passion.

It might be that software engineering is what you love.

It could be that blogging is your love.

You may discover that system administration is what you want to do.

A few weeks spent doing the above might help you to discover a new career where you get paid to do what you love.

Best wishes. If the above helps, please let me know in the comments. Thank you.

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