What runs on the servers at home?

I have added comments to the output of this command. This is a brief description of what runs in each jail.

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slocum – named for the first person to sail solo around the world

This host also runs a DNS and DHCP.

 [dan@slocum:~] $ jls -v | grep ACTIVE | cut -f 2 -w | sort
  1. bacula – runs bacula-dir, main component for my backups
  2. besser – LibreNMS – metrics
  3. certs – acme.sh – renews Let’s Encrypt certificates
  4. certs_rsync – gets a copy of the certificate from certs, available via a read-only mount. The cert distribution website then rsyncs from here
  5. cliff2 – outgoing mail server
  6. dev_ingress01 – dev site for FreshPorts.org, processes incoming FreeBSD ports tree commits
  7. dev_nginx01 – dev site for FreshPorts.org, runs a copy of the website
  8. dns_hidden_master – the hidden DNS master for my DNS servers
  9. fileserver – a SAMBA server
  10. jester – old FreshPorts development environment
  11. local_freebsd_repo – a local copy of the FreeBSD subversion repository
  12. mailjailcopy – a copy of my incoming mail server
  13. metrics – a disused ElasticSearch node
  14. mydev – a development environment, now used mainly for DNS work
  15. mysql01 – MySQL server
  16. nsnotify – runs nsnotifyd and triggers an XFER from my name server so that changes/updates are committed to a code repository. Both for audit and for backup
  17. pg01 – a PostgreSQL server
  18. sandbox – for doing very ugly things with code
  19. serpico – incoming web proxy
  20. stage_ingress01 – staging site for FreshPorts.org, processes incoming FreeBSD ports tree commits
  21. stage_nginx01 – staging site for FreshPorts.org, runs a copy of the website
  22. svn – my subversion code repository
  23. talos – for incoming ssh connections, sort-of a bastion host
  24. test_ingress01 – test site for FreshPorts.org, processes incoming FreeBSD ports tree commits
  25. test_nginx01 – test site for FreshPorts.org, runs a copy of the website
  26. testing – for very oddball testing, must like sandbox, but much stranger
  27. unifi01 – runs a Unifi controller
  28. webserver – webserver for things not covered by the above


knew – the new server

Also provides TimeCapsule-like backups for my laptops.

 [dan@knew:~] $ jls -v | grep ACTIVE | cut -f 2 -w | sort
  1. ansible – my ansible configuration
  2. bacula_sd_01 – primary backup storage
  3. cliff – another outoing mail server
  4. dbclone – takes a copy of each database and automatically tries to restore it
  5. empty – completely empty, for use when testing software
  6. fruity_ext – Nagios configuartion tool for internal monitoring
  7. fruity_int – Nagios configuration tool for monitoring from external nodes
  8. snapshots – a place for receiving incoming ZFS snapshots
  9. snapshots2 – I’m testing a conversion from ezjail to iocage.
  10. metrics2 – another ElasticSearch node
  11. mysql55 – Bacula regression testing
  12. mysql56 – Bacula regression testing
  13. pg10 – Bacula regression testing
  14. pg93 – Bacula regression testing
  15. pg94 – Bacula regression testing
  16. pg95 – Bacula regression testing
  17. pg96 – Bacula regression testing
  18. toiler – internal DNS server

r710-01 is a Dell R710, with SSDs. The host is my poudriere and builds all the FreeBSD packages used by the hosts shown here, and for the hosts not listed here (i.e. the ones not at home).


 [dan@r710-01:~] $ jls -v | grep ACTIVE | cut -f 2 -w | sort
  1. bacula-sd-02 – bacula storage daemon for the LTO04 tape library
  2. mqtt01 – main server for [outgoing notifications, alerts](https://dan.langille.org/2018/04/15/using-mtqq-to-create-a-notification-network-mosquitto-* mqttwarn-hare-and-hared/), etc
  3. pg02 – PostgreSQL 10.6 server
  4. pg03 – PostgreSQL 11.1 server

tape servers

tape01 & tape02 are tape library servers and they are rarely used. The primary purpose is access to old archives/backups.

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