August 2019

poudriere hooks

zi0r suggested I use hooks to accomplish my patches-outside-distfiles question. In this post: FreeBSD 12.0 poudriere 3.3.2 I started reading the documentation and played with the supplied sample files in /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/hooks. For background, see FreeBSD custom port patches when using poudriere. Eventually I came up with this solution: mkdir during the start phase mount during […]

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I was asked why I was exasperated with iocage: This is the list of issues where I found my name. A given issue may be listed multiple times. Oct 2017 – iocage upgrade is looping: Jun 2018 – cannot run ‘iocage start’ from my home dir: Aug 2018 – entries in fstab disappear:

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Installing Owntracks recorder on FreeBSD

I went and did a thing. I ported OwnTrack Recorder to FreeBSD. In this post: FreeBSD 12 owntracks/recoder 0.8.4 I refer to owntracks/recorder as ot-recorder. The FreeBSD service is known as otrecorder On FreeBSD, ot-recorder runs as the ot-recorder user, created by the package. I did not want it running as root. ot-recorder installs mosquitto

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