I was asked why I was exasperated with iocage:

This is the list of issues where I found my name. A given issue may be listed multiple times.

  1. Oct 2017 – iocage upgrade is looping:
  2. Jun 2018 – cannot run ‘iocage start’ from my home dir:
  3. Aug 2018 – entries in fstab disappear:
  4. Dec 2018 – Cannot install 12.0 in a jail:
  5. Jan 2019 – iocages puts exec files in /tmp dir which is noexec:
  6. Feb 2019 – read-ony filesystems:
  7. Mar 2019 – unable to upgrade jails:
  8. Mar 2019 – no iocage commands work:
  9. Apr 2019 – commands still broken
  10. May 2019 – commands still broken
  11. Jun 2019 – ruleset problems:
  12. Jul 2019 – jails are not updated:
  13. Aug 2019 – unable to upgrade vuln jails:
  14. Aug 2019 – ruleset problems hits again:
  15. Nov 2019 – iocage snapremove ALL not implemented –
  16. Feb 2021 – you can’t manage another zfs filesystem from within an iocage jail

EDIT: December 12, 2020 – I added the Nov 2019 entry.

EDIT: February 28, 2021 – I added the Feb 2021 entry.

I also recall git was added as a run-time dependency. This changes in requirements was not added to the
FreeBSD port.This broke stuff. (this issue is listed above).

This affects the systems I run. It has taken FreshPorts offline. Yesterday it took a DNS server offline and it’s not back yet. On occasion, it has stopped all jails from running. It’s annoying. It’s frustrating.

I would prefer to do the work instead of getting ready to do the work. Instead, I am spending days on tasks which should take minutes.

The last release of iocage was in January 2019.

The last release of iocage-devel was in March 2019.

In order to have functioning jails, I am rolling my own packages based on head.

EDIT: re

The vnet issue I had with iocage was fixed with this commit. My thanks to

  1. sonicaj
  2. william-gr
  3. joachimmathes

for their help in getting this IPv6 stuff sorted out.

Thank you.

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