hostmask on an ip address can affect jail DNS

I encountered, and later solved, a DNS issue on a FreeBSD jail. The jail is my web proxy, of sorts. I have one public IP address, which is dynamic (not relevant, but mentioned only in passing) so all incoming web traffic goes to a single internal RFC-1918 IP address. From there, nginx does reverse proxies

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I was asked why I was exasperated with iocage: This is the list of issues where I found my name. A given issue may be listed multiple times. Oct 2017 – iocage upgrade is looping: Jun 2018 – cannot run ‘iocage start’ from my home dir: Aug 2018 – entries in fstab disappear:

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pkg: No address record

I’ve been making use of some FreeBSD-provided scripts within my Nagios monitoring. Recently, I started seeing a problem after some jail maintenance. This post is about that problem and the fix. Full disclosure: the issue was not what I thought it was and I did not solve it. I’m using: FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p9 The scripts are:

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Moving bacula-sd into a FreeBSD jail

In this post: Bacula 7.4 FreeBSD 11.1 py-iocage I recently wrote about Converting a Dell R710 into a ZFS-based FreeBSD 11.1 tape library bacula-sd and then about getting the drives ready. That system, henceforth referred to as the r710 is now ready for the Bacula setup. Last night I created a jail and installed

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