April 2020

WARNING: failed precmd routine for mysql

Last night the MySQL server instance in my dbclone jail stopped working. This is the jail into which copies of all my databases eventually go for test restores and backups. This morning I tried started it: [dan@dbclone:~] $ sudo service mysql-server start /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql-server: WARNING: failed precmd routine for mysql My initial search suggested removing /var/db/mysql

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bectl details

This is just a placeholder for me to find this later. I was cleaning up some old snapshots. I’m not sure I should have removed those snapshots and I’m saving this here for next time I use bectl. [dan@slocum:~] $ grep -v autosnap ~/tmp/snapshots/snapshots zroot/bootenv/default@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/tmp@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/usr@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/usr/local@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/usr/obj@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/usr/src@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/var@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/var/audit@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/var/empty@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/var/log@2020-01-11-18:16:51 zroot/bootenv/default/var/tmp@2020-01-11-18:16:51

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