September 2020

PDU setttings

This post documents the PDU settings so I know what is plugged in where and the delay they have on power up. pdu1 – before pdu1 – outlet 1 – r720-01 pdu1 – outlet 2 – knew pdu1 – outlet 3 – slocum pdu1 – outlet 7 – LTO4 tape library pdu1 – after pdu2 […]

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Monitoring your UPS using nut on FreeBSD

It is time to replace my existing UPS with another one. I’m getting only 3 minutes of runtime with the existing batteries (and new batteries, after recalibration). It was suggested I buy an Eaton 5PX. I wasn’t convinced. This is the first of three articles about nut. The second is about testing the shutdown. The

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