Mar 132021

I recently acquired an Eaton EMA114-10 PDU. When adding it to LibreNMS, I did not know what Authorization Algorithm or Crypto Algorithm to use when configuring it for SNMPv3.

Searching did not find anything.

IRC did. dagb on the LibreNMS IRC channel knew what was used for older EATON devices. Turns out, that hasn’t changed.

These are the answers:

  • Auth Algorithm – MD5
  • Crypto Algorithm – AES

I hope this saves you time.

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  5 Responses to “Eaton ePDU Auth Algorithm & Crypto Algorithm for SNMPv3 Configuration”

  1. For the latest available firmware (F/W version 05.00.0000, Web version 02.00.0043) on the Eaton EMA111-10 The Crypto Algorithm has changed from AES to DES.