net-mgmt/net-snmp wants /snmp/snmpd.conf

snmpd can be royal pain to configure. I got my hints from Ryan Steinmetz, the maintainer for the FreeBSD port. Lately, net-snmpd has changed how net-snmp-config works. In this post: FreeBSD 12.2 net-snmp-5.9_3,1 Compare my hints with the following, run today with net-snmp-5.9_3,1: [dan@nginx01:~] $ sudo net-snmp-config –create-snmpv3-user -ro -x AES -a SHA -A ‘secret123’ […]

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Configuring LibreNMS Nginx statistics

This post might help me in configuring net-snmp to deliver Nginx statistics to LibreNMS. As such, this post may not be as helpful to you as the official documentation. Key is this URL: The nginx.conf file needs something like this: NOTE: the fastcgi_pass line might also be fastcgi_pass depending on what you find

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Smart quotes are not so smart: net-snmp-config –create-snmpv3-user for LibreNMS

I wasted a few hours today trying to figure out why special characters in passwords were causing problems. I was chasing the wrong problem. Conclusion: smart quotes are dumb. Full disclosure: I should have seen the problem. The problem is not with LibreNMS. Here is my procedure for creating an snmp read-only user, as provided

Smart quotes are not so smart: net-snmp-config –create-snmpv3-user for LibreNMS Read More »

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