The ZFS server

The File Server (more detail)

Following on from my previous post on my file server, here is what I’m now looking at. It’s based upon various discussions on mailing lists and IRC channels. Samsung SATA CD/DVD Burner $20 (+ $8 shipping) SuperMicro 5046A $750 (+$43 shipping) RocketRAID 2300 PCIe 4x SATA $120 (+$8 shipping) Crucial 3x2G ECC DDR3-1333 $191 (+ …

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The File Server

This is the current thinking for my soon-to-be-built storage server. I should consult freebsd-hardware first. Athena Power CA-SWH01BH8 Pedestal case The above case comes with two of these backplanes close up photos of that backplane mother board? was suggseted. m/b will either need 8 SATA connections or room for several cheap SATA controllers power …

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Big storage

I’m thinking about creating a storage box. One with a lot of disk space. It will be used for backups and stuff. I will continue to backup to tape as well. I’m considering this case, which has 8xSATA hot-swap bays: If I was buying a RAID card, I’d buy this one: But I …

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