Apr 222019

ZFS is very flexible about mountpoints, and there are many features available to provide great flexibility. When you create your second zpool this is what it might look like: $$ zfs list -r main_tank NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT main_tank 893G 3.52T 96K /main_tank main_tank/data 786G 3.52T 88K /main_tank/data main_tank/data/dvl 755G 3.52T 755G /main_tank/data/dvl main_tank/data/freshports […]

Apr 152019

I am moving my existing IMAP services to a third-party, specifically FastMail. I started this process back in March 2017 when I signed up with FastMail. I did a mail migration then, but never proceeded. At present I am hosting my own IMAP server, via Dovecot, RoundCube, and Postfix, running in a FreeBSD jail. I […]

Apr 132019

I am about to make changes to my mail servers. I am changing third-party providers. In anticipation of this change, I will drop the TTL on my DNS MX records. This should minimize the time it takes for this change to take effect. I say should because not all servers honor the specified TTL. I […]

Apr 082019

I have been using ezjail since at least 2008 (see earlier blog post). A few years ago, I started deploying iocage on new servers. About three months ago, I starting converting systems from ezjail to iocage. When I converted my first system, I found that the existing documentation for conversion was incomplete. Specifically, symlinks were […]

Mar 242019
using syncthing between my OSX laptop and my FreeBSD server

We know the routine. You have a desktop, and a laptop, or perhaps two laptops. You want your files in both places. A shared, remotely mounted directory is not ideal. Instead, let’s have the systems synchronize themselves. That’s where syncthing comes in: Syncthing replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open, trustworthy and decentralized. […]

Mar 222019

I started playing with /usr/local/etc/periodic/security/405.pkg-base-audit as part of a monitoring system. It works fine from the command line, but when I use Nagios plugins, I am getting unexpected results. By unexpected, I mean messages about FreeBSD 10.2. The host in question runs FreeBSD 12.0. The problem cannot be reproduced on the host, only from the […]

Feb 162019
slocum - the new : assembly details

This covers the facts regarding the list of things to do on Server Build Saturday. The slocum – the new hardware changes occurred on 2 February 2019, with the help of a guy I’ve known since my early days in PA. jb33z did the heavy lifting, both of the chassis and of the HDD. He […]

Feb 152019

For reference, the previous post on this server is still available. This server was upgraded on Feb 2 2019. Only the storage persisted. Everything else was upgraded. The hardware M/B – Supermicro X9DRE-TF+ RAM – 128GB composed of 8x 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz 21300 ECC/REG CPU – 2x E5-2620v2 – Intel Six Core 2.10Ghz Xeon 15MB […]

Feb 012019

I recently became aware that ACME DNS validation can be accomplished via proxy. By proxy, I mean you can update the DNS records of another domain, not the domain for which the certificate is being issued. Why would you do this (as taken from acme.sh DNS Alias Mode): Your DNS provider does not provide API […]