Aug 092021

Bought a new NVMe drive. Installed it using cheap PCIe adaptor bought off Amazon. From /var/run/dmesg.boot nvd0: NVMe namespace nvd0: 244198MB (500118192 512 byte sectors) Surprisingly, the device is already partitioned. [dvl@test ~]$ gpart show nvd0 => 34 500118125 nvd0 GPT (238G) 34 500118125 – free – (238G) [dvl@test ~]$ Eh, is is this a […]

Aug 032021

On one recent FreeBSD 13 host, I noticed a lack of motd. The MOTD (Message Of The Day) appears when you login. Typically, it looks like this: [dan@rose:~] $ r720 Last login: Mon Aug 2 00:30:13 2021 from FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p3 (GENERIC) #0: Tue Jun 29 19:46:20 UTC 2021 Welcome to FreeBSD! Release Notes, Errata: […]

Jul 232021

In the past, I have tried vnet jails with pf, and hit trouble. I was never able to get pf to allow the vnet traffic when having a default ‘block log all’ rule. More recently, I encountered the same problem when using byhve. This time, I moved byhve to another host, which is not using […]

Jul 102021

To ignore files in your subversion working directory, try this. [dan@dev-ingress01:~/scripts]: $ svn st M . ? helper_scripts ? ? ? ? I want to ignore all those files, so: $ svn st > .IgnoreThese Then I edit the file, so only the file names are shown. Something like this: Then […]

Jul 092021
Fixing vulns in poudriere jails

This post was originally a few tweets. It’s not really about upgrading vulnerabilities in poudriere jails either. Read this as if each paragraph was a tweet. When a FreeBSD security alert comes out, or a package is marked as vulnerable, I try to get that fixed as soon as I can. Even if not using […]

Jul 072021
cron is running all jobs twice - solved

This started earlier today and I solved it only just now. It took me a while to find out it was duplicate cron jobs, and even longer to find out why. It started with lockf notifications (if you’ve never heard of lockf before, please read this Twitter thread for examples). In short, one of those […]