Aug 312020

Today I added a OpenVPN client to a recent laptop I acquired. It was for my mom, but COVID19 has prevented that trip. Sometimes a task is so rarely performed that the steps are unfamiliar or even unknown. This is what I had to do today. The client zip package I create with ssl-admin works […]

Aug 162020

ZFS has a the ability to share itself within a jail. That gives the jail some autonomy, and I like that. I’ve written briefly about that, specifically for iocage. More recently, I started using a zfs snapshot for caching clearing. The purpose of this post is to document the existing configuration of the production FreshPorts […]

Aug 152020
Unintended shutdown of the #homelab

Today was battery replacement day at my place. The UPS batteries were replaced without downtime. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t downtime. I am not documenting this in real-time. This is post-event analysis. First, I wanted to change the battery replacement date, so I ran acptest on the pfSense server, to which the UPS is connected […]

Jul 212020

See also Creating read-only PostgreSQL database users for pg_dump and pg_dumpall. I’m linking this because I use both articles on a regular basis. The error After a recent upgrade of MySQL server from 5.7.30 to 5.7.31, my database backups started encountered this error: mysqldump: Error: ‘Access denied; you need (at least one of) the PROCESS […]

Jun 212020

Every time I go to create a new iocage jail, I cannot remember out the command. Here we go, for next time: iocage create -n devgit-ingress01 –thickjail ip4_addr= –release 12.1-RELEASE iocage create -n devgit-nginx01 –thickjail ip4_addr= –release 12.1-RELEASE