Nov 152020

The website is hosted on server in my basement. For you, that IP addresses resolves to a publicly available IP address. For me, that IP address resolves to an RFC 1918 address: $ host has address Sometimes this is referred to as split dns, also known as split-horizon DNS, split-view DNS, […]

Oct 252020
Recalibrating an APC UPS

This work was done in August. Since then, I have replaced the APC with an Eaton 5PX, and I am much happier. This might make for interesting reading, but that depends on how bored you are.. Following on from my failed calibration attempts, I thought I would try it again this morning before work. In […]

Oct 252020
Restoring your non-Apple Time Capsule your Mac

I have written about backing up your MacBook to a ZFS-based Time Capsule. Today, I restore. I am setting up a laptop to be just like my other laptop. This is not a disaster recovery incident, but it could be. In this post: The laptop is on the same network as the time capsule host […]

Sep 132020
PDU setttings

This post documents the PDU settings so I know what is plugged in where and the delay they have on power up. pdu1 – before pdu1 – outlet 1 – r720-01 pdu1 – outlet 2 – knew pdu1 – outlet 3 – slocum pdu1 – outlet 7 – LTO4 tape library pdu1 – after pdu2 […]

Sep 132020
nut - testing shutdown and startup

Today I tested the shutdown but was mostly concerned by the startup. I wanted the hosts to start in a specific order. I lived tweeted it and that thread is the basis for this post. The UPS has three groups of outlets: primary group, group 1, group 2. Each group has a On Delay setting. […]