Jan 082019

This post might help me in configuring net-snmp to deliver Nginx statistics to LibreNMS. As such, this post may not be as helpful to you as the official documentation. Key is this URL: The nginx.conf file needs something like this: NOTE: the fastcgi_pass line might also be fastcgi_pass depending on what you find […]

Dec 302018

This post has been replaced by a newer one. For reference, the previous post on this server is still available. The most recent change was extracting the beadm boot environment to a new zpool, zroot. For future reference, this is the slocum server, which I use for various jails and services. It is mounted in […]

Dec 202018

I have added comments to the output of this command. This is a brief description of what runs in each jail. slocum slocum – named for the first person to sail solo around the world This host also runs a DNS and DHCP. [dan@slocum:~] $ jls -v | grep ACTIVE | cut -f 2 -w […]

Dec 052018

This is x8dtu (named after the SuperMicro motherboard). This is the new FreshPorts server. In short: FreeBSD 11.2 booting off a mirrored pair of zfsroot SSDs 4.5TB of mirrored ZFS 196612 MB of RAM (yeah, that’s 196GB of RAM) SuperMicro X8TDU motherboard Intel Xeon E5620 @ 2.40GHz (two of those, giving 16 CPUs) NOTE: this […]

Nov 212018

For future reference, this is the knew server … oh wait, I think it’s this server which is was mounted in the 4U chassis mentioned in this post. It runs a few jails, including Bacula regression testing services. It is now mounted in a SuperChassis 846E16-R1200B This recent post outlines the modifications so it boots […]

Nov 042018

NOTE: I am not convinced of the value of doing these tests on a regular basis. smartd and smartctl are two utility programs included with the smartmontools package. On FreeBSD, smartmontools is installed via the sysutils/smartmontools port. Those programs can “control and monitor storage systems using the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology System (SMART) built […]

Oct 232018

On Monday night at about 5:30 PM, I noticed the email: ** PROBLEM alert – knew/zpool is CRITICAL ** What sickened me was that the email was sent at 3:58 PM. That makes me think I should add a Pushover.net alert …. I could do that at my mail server. Logging into the server, I […]