Dec 272020
No IPv6 routes on AWS EC2 FreeBSD 12.2 instance

I’m trying and failing to get IPv6 routing working on my AWS EC2 FreeBSD 12.2 instance. My current status: The host has an IPv6 address rtsol is running ping6 gives ping6: UDP connect: No route to host no issues with IP4 traffic In this post, I will work through Migrating to IPv6 with the […]

Dec 242020

Today I faced the first implications of deciding to tightly restrict the use of nsupdate keys for modifying TXT records for dns-01 challenges with Let’s Encrypt. Context This section should be on and you can skip it to get to the real stuff. Today I’m working on a mostly automated FreshPorts node deployment. A […]

Dec 142020

You might recall that suspect drive from the zpool replace on the weekend. Thomas Hurst suggested: Might be worth overwriting the drive, try to encourage it to actually reallocate the sectors now the data on them is no longer needed. I, being one to take advice from people on the internet, and Michael W Lucas, […]

Dec 132020
The replacement - a followup

Yesterday, I started a zpool replace. It finished overnight, and dropped the suspect drive out of the vdev. The resilver finished in the middle of the night: As you can see, da22p1 has taken the place of da17p1. The resilver took As the new drive is being resilvered, I started looking at metrics. Here is […]

Dec 122020
Replacing a failing drive in a ZFS zpool

In this post I will replace a working, but suspect, drive with another drive. No down time. The server is knew. In this post: FreeBSD 12.2 ZFS TOSHIBA MD04ACA500 5TB drive – the suspect drive: da17 TOSHIBA HDWE150 5TB drive – the replacement: da22 None of these drives are under warranty What drives are in […]

Dec 122020

It is time to replace /dev/da17 in knew. The replacement drive is also documented. The replacement procedure has also been documented. An upcoming blog post will document the replacement. I’m seeing these messages: Dec 12 09:23:03 knew smartd[2124]: Device: /dev/da17 [SAT], 40 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors Dec 12 09:53:04 knew syslogd: last message repeated 1 […]

Nov 252020

This started off as a migration. It went down a rabbit hole of incorrect and undeclared dependencies. I’m going to post this as documentation for the required ports update. I’m migrating from Mailman 2.1 to Mailman 3 not because I want to but because Python 2.7 is deprecated. I’m sick of seeing these monitoring messages: […]