Feb 162019
slocum - the new : assembly details

This covers the facts regarding the list of things to do on Server Build Saturday. The slocum – the new hardware changes occurred on 2 February 2019, with the help of a guy I’ve known since my early days in PA. jb33z did the heavy lifting, both of the chassis and of the HDD. He […]

Feb 152019

For reference, the previous post on this server is still available. This server was upgraded on Feb 2 2019. Only the storage persisted. Everything else was upgraded. The hardware M/B – Supermicro X9DRE-TF+ RAM – 128GB composed of 8x 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz 21300 ECC/REG CPU – 2x E5-2620v2 – Intel Six Core 2.10Ghz Xeon 15MB […]

Feb 012019

I recently became aware that ACME DNS validation can be accomplished via proxy. By proxy, I mean you can update the DNS records of another domain, not the domain for which the certificate is being issued. Why would you do this (as taken from acme.sh DNS Alias Mode): Your DNS provider does not provide API […]

Feb 012019

Tomorrow I’ll be doing some server and rack work. I’ll be moving one system into a new chassis, combining two desktops into the old chassis, and putting both chassis back into the rack. There are a bunch of steps here and I want to write them down so they all get done. These steps were […]

Jan 222019

I noticed some double timestamps in my logs recently. They started just after I upgraded the host to FreeBSD 12, but I am not convinced they are related. This is from /var/log/messsages: Jan 22 21:41:40 knew 1 2019-01-22T21:41:40.760533+00:00 knew.int.unixathome.org pkg 89351 – – py36-iocage-devel upgraded:,1 ->,1 They started late yesterday, this is from […]

Jan 132019

Sometimes you want to run a cronjob on a frequent basis, but you rarely want a new one to start before the old one has finished. There is an easy tool in FreeBSD base called lockf. It is similar to the flock tool. Here is an example I am using: Based on the man page, […]