Aug 102019

zi0r suggested I use hooks to accomplish my patches-outside-distfiles question. In this post: FreeBSD 12.0 poudriere 3.3.2 I started reading the documentation and played with the supplied sample files in /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/hooks. For background, see FreeBSD custom port patches when using poudriere. Eventually I came up with this solution: mkdir during the start phase mount during […]

Aug 082019

On supernews a drive acted up over night. The main purpose of this post is for me to record the information. You might not find much useful here. The host is running FreeBSD 12 and is a FreshPorts development box. I saw this error in the logs: smart emailed me because I set that up […]

Aug 082019

I was asked why I was exasperated with iocage: This is the list of issues where I found my name. A given issue may be listed multiple times. Oct 2017 – iocage upgrade is looping: Jun 2018 – cannot run ‘iocage start’ from my home dir: Aug 2018 – entries in fstab disappear: […]

Aug 012019

I went and did a thing. I ported OwnTrack Recorder to FreeBSD. In this post: FreeBSD 12 owntracks/recoder 0.8.4 I refer to owntracks/recorder as ot-recorder. The FreeBSD service is known as otrecorder On FreeBSD, ot-recorder runs as the ot-recorder user, created by the package. I did not want it running as root. ot-recorder installs mosquitto […]

Jul 272019

When upgrading to LibreNMS 1.53.1, your website will not load. You’ll see a message saying check the logs. There will be nothing useful in the logs. I checked. Nothing. This is how I fixed the loading issue. In this post: FreeBSD 12.0 LibreNMS 1.51 running in a jail Upgrading to 1.53.1 First attempts Running as […]

Jul 172019

I have two new drives for zuul. I’ll start adding them into the zpool soon. For now, here is the smarctl output for the new drives. I’ll start some tests on them soon. By new, I mean new to this host. The drives have 17,000 hours on them. [dan@zuul:~] $ sudo smartctl -a /dev/ada2 smartctl […]

May 192019

Today is the day after BSDCan 2019. The power cables and extension cords from the hacking lounge have been laid to rest in an Ottawa basement until next year. Sitting in my parents garden, I noticed some Nagios cert warnings: I logged into my certificates server (the website from which all my hosts download their […]