Dec 092007

I am no longer homeless. I found a place to move into. But not until the weekend before Christmas. It looks like I’ll be able to move in on the 23rd. That’s a Sunday. At least I no longer have to search for a place. By the time this is over, I’ll have spent 32 consecutive nights in four different motels/hotels. Figure that one out in your budget.

I have a quickly prepared list (in not particular order) of things I have to do over the next two weeks:

  • business trip to Toronto to meet with the rest of the DBA team
  • buy a duvet (the last one is still on a bed in Ottawa)
  • arrange TV+cable via FiOS from Verizon
  • change of address to family, friends, banks, insurance agent, etc
  • apply for a PA drivers license
  • register the car and get PA tags
  • arrange electricity, water, and gas accounts
  • book a truck for moving

Those are just the things I can think of now. Checking the website, booking a truck at that time may be a challenge. Especially given I’m not 100% sure what day I can get the truck. It might be best to get it for two days, just in case.

For now, here’s hoping I can get to sleep now… I’ve been thinking for a while.

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