Jan 012008

I’m now moved in. 10 days already. Of the things from my previous post that I needed to do, the following remain:

  • apply for a PA drivers license
  • register the car and get PA tags

I got to IKEA today and managed to buy stuff that I’ve need since my relocation in May. Lack of income, and a nearby IKEA stopped me from purchasing much of anything. I was able to pick up a down duvet for $60. Tonight will be a nice cold (by Warrington, Pennsylvanian standards) night to try it out. Today has been an IKEA day all day. I spent about three hours there, looking around, picking things up. Tonight, after watching Sidney Crosby win the Pittsburgh-Buffalo game with the final shot of the shoot-out, I spent three hours assembling my king size bed. That’s the one I bought in late April on my way to Florida. Yes… I bought a bed in Philadelphia… took it to Florida. Now it’s back again.

I can’t apply for a drivers license until I have proof of residence. That takes a utility bill (or perhaps bills from two utilities). I can’t register the car until I have a PA license and first import the car. Importing the car should be easy. The car was manufactured in USA and meets all USA standards (according to the compliance letter I obtained from Subaru USA earlier this year before I left Ottawa).

The house is shaping up. Many boxes remain unopened. Today’s purchases add to that mound.

The kitchen needs a tidy-up before I start using the cupboards. It would be nice to find a cutlery tray that fit the drawers. The one I had was too wide. The one I bought today from IKEA is too long…

But… the TV looks good. The stereo sounds good. And tonight I get to sleep in my bed for the first time since leaving Jupiter back in late November. That seems like a very long time ago.

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