Such devious spam

Today I received this rather devious spam. Invoke education, children, libraries, and hope that someone will link to their site. I’m not sure *why* they want this particular site promoted. There’s not much useful information there. No attempt to sell anything. I’m confused.

Perhaps this was legit. But then, if you search for certain phrases contained in this email, you’ll see other such posts. I’m certain it’s spam.

By, the way, I’ve amended their URLs by appending .invalid to them. No sense giving them a link.

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Subject: Fan Mail/Question on the Racing System Links pg.
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I just wanted to send out a quick thank you letter in regards to your racing system links page - 
(  I'm a librarian and used some of your resources for the 
sports of our new site.   Great leads there, I appreciate it :)

I planned on having the students that participated with the site, mail out a handwritten thank you note, 
but we've been so busy I haven't had a chance. So I'm writing on their behalf today as well.  As a small 
token of our appreciation, I wanted to share another resource that might be perfect for your page.  This 
page has been popular among the staff here that are avid cyclists:

"A Guide to Bike Racing for Beginners and Competitors" - (

I hope you like the link and thanks again for the help.

Anne Griffin

P.S. I think the students would get a kick out of hearing from a friend in cyberspace. If you include the 
link and don't mind giving me a shout back, I'll show them that you used our suggestion :)
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