January 2013

diskinfo tests

Following on from the previous dd and bonnie++ tests, here are some diskinfo tests: These are unaligned tests, on disks partitioned such as this: $ gpart show ada1 => 34 488397101 ada1 GPT (232G) 34 540 – free – (270k) 574 488396510 1 freebsd (232G) 488397084 51 – free – (25k) And then aligned thusly: …

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Aligning disk partitions for better throughput

During a recent install of FreeBSD 9.1 onto a gmirror, it was pointed out that my disk partitions were not aligned. Today, I’ll look at how that affects performance, both before and after alignment. Last night, I installed FreeBSD 9.1 onto a separate HDD, which I’ll use as a floater. I can attach this HDD …

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New server dmesg

The recently acquired parts for the server were assembled two nights ago, and FreeBSD was installed last night. I’m thinking of crowd sourcing the tuning of the ZFS monster I’m creating. Interested in watching/helping? See the FreeBSD Forums for details. Here’s the dmesg output for future reference. You will notice that (see line 154-157) one …

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Delivery schedule

All parts for the server and the gateway have been ordered. The first deliveries are expected today. Here is the list of what arrives when. Friday 11 Jan 2013 All the internal parts for the server, except those shown below, via UPS. (delivered) Case for Gateway, via UPS. (delivered) Saturday 12 Jan 2013 The 8x2TB …

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