sshd: error: key_read: uudecode failed

I started seeing this error:

Jun 10 19:12:38 nyi sshd[92208]: error: key_read: uudecode AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAIBdX/USEtxnO91Vpujney8gwkq2sRrcU9R6nKAoGv1eNMWrMD9a93kZMjR4fFMAH87g+zyHBftxCsyE0wJX2A0UFgIQsiuOOINkTJMyk\n failed

I couldn’t figure it out.

Then I searched ~/.ssh/authorized_keys for that string. I found it in there. But the line was incomplete. It looked like I’d deleted the last part of the line. It should end with something like this:

... onsnJNGeljjf9i8U3aorbSZj3jiEuTYMoTi9XK2dvGh5bbEQggw47jQg=

Solution: I deleted that line. Then I copy/pasted the public key back into the file and tried again.

Problem solved. Hope this helps.

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