Using mbox for mail backup

I’ve taken to the concept of sending a copy of each incoming email to a second server, for backup. This could be achieved by an alias. Store them in mbox format. Use newsyslog to rotate it over time.

UPDATE: this strategy is mentioned in Scenic BGP Route | TechSNAP 137 at about 0:47:30.

As part of disaster recovery, my Maildir would be restored from backup. The emails which arrived after the backup would be replayed through procmail / maildrop.

I haven’t implemented it yet, but I’m planning to do so when I move my existing IMAP server into a FreeBSD jail.

For more information about this, be sure to read Mail backups using newsyslog.conf for rotation.

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3 thoughts on “Using mbox for mail backup”

  1. Seeing as I use Google for my primary MX, and they keep copies of my delivered mail, I would also use Google Takeout. This would export my delivered mail to an mbox, and I could then import the mbox.

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