Older versions of Bacula – copy/migrate has limit of 99 jobs

Last night I started to catch up on copying jobs from disk to tape. There were about 420 incremental jobs waiting. I started my CopyToTape-Inc job, and it queued up 417 jobs:

30-Mar 02:17 bacula-dir JobId 167491: The following 417 JobIds were chosen to be copied: 165711,165712,165724,165726,165728,165730,165731,165734,165735,165740,165741,165743,165744,165746,165749,165753,165755,165758,165761,165762,165727,

The next morning, all jobs had completed, but there were still jobs left to be copied over (as determined by my magical Bacula portal).

I ran the job again. Let them finish. Still more jobs left to job.

I talked on IRC and found 100 seemed to be the maximum number of jobs that one could queue up at one time. A mailing list post and the source code reference it refers to confirms this.

Starting with Bacula 7.0, this limit is controlled by a configuration setting, Maximum Spawn Jobs. The migrate.c functionality is now split between mac.c (for migrate and copy) and mac_sql.c. You can see the configuration setting in the code at this link.

I will be working on creating a new Bacula port for FreeBSD as soon as I can. In them meantime, I’ll just keep re-running my copy job. I’m looking forward to running Bacula 7.

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